Studiu de specialitate – Free will in ”Tess of the D’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy

Autor: prof. Teiușanu Cristina
Liceul Tehnologic Vedea, Argeș

”Tess of the D’Urbervilles, A Pure Woman, Faithfully Presented’’ is a protest against society, a novel where Hardy writes about: the will to recover, the growth of love, faith, frail, happiness and death.
Here, the struggle of the main character begins after she is seduced by Alec D’Urbervilles, something that can be considered fatal or at least as the ending of all her hopes and future happiness. Fate seems to play a very important role in Tess’s tragic life, leaving her no chance for redemption. She sees her misfortunes to be so great that she finds no other solution than that of killing the man she considers responsible for much of her sufferings, at the same time sentencing herself to death.
Tess Durbeyfield is an intelligent, sensitive, scrupulous young woman and a strikingly attractive one. However, aside from her physical and moral qualities, she is still portrayed as a representative of  the lower class and of her own sex. Tess is isolated from the urban world, and spends her whole life in rural areas, working on farms to support herself and her own family. Continuarea