How to Teach Advanced English Classes

Autor: prof. Miulescu Florina Oana
Colegiul de silvicultură și protecția mediului, Rm. Vâlcea

Teaching Advanced English classes is not easy, but teaching students can be rewarding as you watch your students’ abilities grow each day. The purpose of these classes is to increase academic knowledge and apply that knowledge to real use, in college and in professional life. What you teach advanced students now about the use of English will help them in these endeavors.
1. Plan your syllabus. Students need this itinerary of goals, objectives and grading standards. Provide the chapter and textbook page numbers as well as names of novels or short stories they will be reading. Keep the syllabus simple, no more than two pages, using either a „1, 2, 3” or „A, B, C” outline method of writing.
2. Publish your grading scale. Because grades are the final measure of success for your students, give them a clear grading scale at the beginning of the semester. Explain the calculation and percentages you use to average their final grade. The easiest way is to categorize grades based on tests, quizzes, essays/reports, and extra-credit (if allowed). Leave nothing open to interpretation to avoid disputes. Continuarea