Studiu de specialitate – ”Big Brother is Watching You” George Orwell – from past 1948 to future ”1984”

Autor: prof. Pop Simina Ana
Școala Gimnazială Socond, jud. Satu Mare

In 1948 George Orwell, on his real name Eric Blair, gives life to his own ideal world. Initially, the anarchist and socialist Orwell, was very fond of the utopia that seduced ideologically many European intellectuals: communism.
The novel is set in the middle of 20th century, and the Marxism still has followers. We are after the end of the World War II. Humankind has seen the massacres and the atrocities of war and witnessed the hidden face of Marxism. Orwell presented a perfect totalitarian communist, exactly how it works and destroys. His reasons were, obviously, to attack the system but to the ones still loyal, Nineteen Eighty- Four is just a personal journal where their thoughts are open to the world.
Orwell lived and experienced everything, war, death and sufferance. He was the son of a subordinate British civil servant in India. Due to the years spend in public school back in England where he was abused, he was left with haunting memories for life that influenced his writing career. With all that, now he fears that the world is fooled by good orators. ( Ranald, George Orwell’s 1984) Continuarea