New Ways of Teaching Literature

Teacher: Anghel Camelia Luminiţa
Liceul Tehnologic Meserii şi Servicii Buzău

            Teaching literature represents an enormous challenge nowadays. Being aware of the problems students may encounter when approaching literature, which many regard as being difficult, teachers have to use student-centered teaching methods that foster students’ confidence when approaching literary texts and encourage them to use their creative imagination and think independently.

We will see two active methods that will engage students in their learning, making the learning an enjoyable and motivational experience. 


This is an active learning method that can be used when we have a particular topic, such as looking/applying for a job- ‘Washington Square’ by Henry James (Post-reading activity). Students work in small groups to communicate ideas or to make suggestions having the opportunity to assess the ideas of other groups and to use them as a possible basis for writing their own responses to questions. Continuarea