Motivating children to learn English

Autor: prof. Nistora Agneta
Colegiul Tehnic de Construcții și Protecția Mediului Arad

Unlike adults, children are not self-motivated and do not have an immediate need to learn English. They are not concerned with jobs or university degrees that require knowledge of English. Their world is their daily games and events of interest to them. Children communicate their needs and experiences and they receive new knowledge in their mother tongue, therefore the teacher of English has the task of finding ways to motivate them. Some ways of motivating children to learn English are briefly considered next. Continuarea

Learning English Inside and Outside the Classroom

Autor: prof. Nica Mihaela
Colegiul Agricol ”D. Cantemir” Huși, Vaslui

Throughout the world, the majority of English language learning takes place outside the classroom. Learners are exposed to English in the course of their everyday life: listen to the radio and TV, read newspapers, write letters. Formal classroom learning may suit better some kinds of learners.
As an English teacher, you must bear in mind that you are responsible for the learning of all pupils within the classroom. You must also train them in using good strategies, to enable them to continue learning outside the classroom. They have to organize their own earning and exploit other sources of language outside the classroom.
a) Involving all the pupils in learning English – Here are some ways of making sure that you involve all the pupils:
-Use the class register list. Your pupils will know if you are calling them in the order of the class register list. Continuarea