Studiu de specialitate – The Pronunciation Component in Teaching English Perfection versus Intelligibility

Autor: prof. Danciu Ioana-Elena
Școala Gimnazială Plopeni, Suceava

Pronunciation is an integral part of language learning. Any learner with a goal for learning English for communicative purposes needs to learn the rhythm and intonation of English. Learning about pronunciation develops learners’ abilities to comprehend the spoken language. It also helps learners with the spelling system of English.
Pronunciation can convey grammatical information (rhythm and intonation can perform grammatical functions) and a lack of knowledge in pronunciation can easily affect reading. The first lessons on pronunciation are of great importance; it is the stage where correct pronunciation should be acquired.
A question we need to answer is how good our students’ pronunciation ought to be. There are three levels of English pronunciation:
Level 1: People often don’t understand what you want to say. You use the wrong sounds in English words. Continuarea