Group work organisation

Autor: prof. Nica Mihaela
Colegiul Agricol ”D. Cantemir” Huși, Vaslui

Group work tends to occur less frequently, but pupils who have got used to pair work can easily be put into groups. One way is to organize them as if for pair work, and then say We`re going to work in bigger groups, so you three pairs make Group 1, you three group 2, and so on. With a class that is used to group work, you may say,” We`re going to do the next activity in groups. So take your notebooks and pens and get into groups of six, please.” A few moments of chaos may follow, but once group work has become a normal part of the class routine, it will not be much trouble. Before you fix the group size, say what resources(books, handouts) the pupils will need. Once the groups have been formed, give clear, precise instructions about what you want them to do. Continuarea