Studiu de specialitate – Teaching English grammar through games

Autor: prof. Chircev Irina-Andreea
Școala Gimnazială ”Gheorghe Șincai” Florești, jud. Cluj

Students often choose English as their favourite school subject. They enjoy studying it both at school and outside the school environment. It is amazing how easily they pick up language from games, films and music! Students bring to school their fondness to the language, their eagerness to learn more about it and their motivation to learn how to use it as a tool for real communication with people from other countries.
As teachers, one should never underestimate the power of motivation and sustain it as much as possible by means of using fun activities, such as: games, songs and other creative activities. In an attempt to teach grammar creatively, we have used many games presented in the specialised literature and some have proven more useful than others. Some of the most effective such activities are presented below:
1. Ask the right question (Harmer, 2007, p. 223)
Level: elementary plus
Language: any
Type of activity: game Continuarea