Studiu de specialitate – The effect of using English fairy tales in English courses by adapting them to different activities

Autor: prof. Cristea Daniela
Școala Gimnazială Dimitrie Luchian, Piscu, Galați

Abstract – This research is realized as an experiemental study on fifth grade students that attended an optional course in English, „Our big, happy family” during the school year of 2013 – 2014 in our secondary school „Dimitrie Luchian” from Piscu, Galați. The experiment has the goal of presenting the effect of using English fairy tales and stories, in general, in English language education and the success of the students. the subjects of the experiemnt were divided into the control groul and the working group.
The data taken from the experiment has been analysed by using t-test in order to compare the average of the groups. It has been determined that using English story books in English courses by adapting them to different activities increased the success when compared with traditional methods and techniques according to the findings.
Keywords: English story books, relaxing environment, foreign language success, foreign language teaching Continuarea