Studiu de specialitate – Techniques for creative teaching

Autor: prof. Miulescu Florina Oana
Colegiul de Silvicultură și Protecția Mediului, Râmnicu Vâlcea

In order to teach creativity, one must teach creatively; that is, it will take a great deal of creative effort to bring out the most creative thinking in your classes. Of course, creativity is not the only required element for creative instructors. They must also know their fields and know how to create an appropriate learning environment. When will it be most important for you to offer direct instruction? When is discovery most important? What are your expectations and how can you best communicate them?
Here are several approaches or techniques for teaching creatively, both general and specific to certain fields.
Assumption Busting
What: An assumption is an unquestioned, assumed truth. Assumption busting is particularly effective when one is stuck in current thinking paradigms or has run out of ideas. Continuarea