The World of Children

Autor: eleva Tudor Maria Alexandra
Clasa a XI-a E, Colegiul Economic Buzău
Teacher: Andrei Elena

Childhood, where are you now? You left me behind so soon! I haven’t realized till now that you are so important for me and the world that you create is so wonderful, full of games and friends. You are not with me anymore. I wish I were a child now and all my problems disappeared. I remember all my friends and all games that we used to play each day, all day long, without any fear or constraint. We were very happy and free to do whatever we wanted: play football, run or ride the bike, and many other entertaining things.
Now I figure out that that period of my life was so marvelous. I would like so much to change the course of time and go back in my childhood, playing with all my buddies and spending all my time having fun, reading those wonderful stories with charming princes, beautiful castles and with unavoidable fights between good and evil, darkness and light.
I remember I was so fascinated by all the characters of those stories. They influenced me so much! Thinking of my childhood, now I am able to understand why children are so full of joy and why they can make you feel better around them. Because they do not know the evil, the nastiness and the hate, so they can create a world with no sorrow or hurt. Continuarea