Communicative Fluency Activities For Language Teaching

Autor: prof. Sauciuc Dorina-Maria
Scoala Gimnaziala “Aurelian Stanciu”, Salcea, jud. Suceava

One particular aspect of the teaching English as a foreign language is fluency practice. In her book “Discussion that Work Task-centered fluency practice” Penny Ur suggests some ways in which students may be induced to talk in the classroom, using the language creatively, purposefully and individually.
The vehicle of such use is defined as the discussion, in a very broad sense of the word. In Part1, the author tried to isolate and generalize about a number of elements that are essential for a good discussion (some of these are well-known and have been extensively written about: interesting topics, group-work, role-play), while others have been relatively neglected (the task as focus, organization of process).
The most natural and effective way for learners to practice talking freely in English is by thinking out some problem or situation together through verbal interchange of ideas, or in simpler terms, to discuss. This side of learning English come into grater prominence in recent years; instead of the idea, associated with the audio-lingual school, that students should use language in more or less controlled exercises until they have mastered its structures to a high degree, and only then begin to talk freely, it is now accepted that some sort of dynamic, individual and meaningful oral practice should be included in English lessons right from the beginning.
Most courses now emphasize the importance of fostering learners` ability to communicate in the foreign language rather than their skills in constructing correct sentences, and there is a corresponding increase in the time and energy allotted to communication exercises in classroom.
Discussions or discussions-games are the best vehicle for fluency practice in a foreign language: the question is how to make these maximally effective. Interesting topics, group-work, and role-play can facilitate student interaction.  (fragment)