Studiu de specialitate – The effect of using English fairy tales in English courses by adapting them to different activities

Autor: prof. Cristea Daniela
Școala Gimnazială Dimitrie Luchian, Piscu, Galați

Abstract – This research is realized as an experiemental study on fifth grade students that attended an optional course in English, „Our big, happy family” during the school year of 2013 – 2014 in our secondary school „Dimitrie Luchian” from Piscu, Galați. The experiment has the goal of presenting the effect of using English fairy tales and stories, in general, in English language education and the success of the students. the subjects of the experiemnt were divided into the control groul and the working group.
The data taken from the experiment has been analysed by using t-test in order to compare the average of the groups. It has been determined that using English story books in English courses by adapting them to different activities increased the success when compared with traditional methods and techniques according to the findings.
Keywords: English story books, relaxing environment, foreign language success, foreign language teaching
Introduction – Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are trasferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or reasearch. The bounty of the content in foreign language education simplified the adaptation to this development. As a result of this, language instructors can use different techniques and materials which are being developed every day and can find effective methods to establish meaningful learning for their students.
Different learning methods are put forward with the researches by taking the individualistic differences into account.The findings of these researches which have been valid in foreign languages education make the student the focus point of education. „Multiple Intelligence Theory” is the basis of these studies that defends the same reality. According to this theory, intelligence doesn’t imply just one dimension, on the contrary, it has multiple dimensions. Every child has his own potential for the development in one field or more. Teachers, as a result of difference between the individuals, face with students who have different kids of intelligence in foreign language classrooms and not only. The aim of the research – The aim of this research is to present the effect of fairy tales in foreign language education for the successs of students in English courses.
The importance of the research – International examinations have become something very common nowadays and our students’ success in terms of foreign languages acquisitions is measures according to them. There are many factors underlying the failure of the students, the most important factor is the fact that students do not have any interest in studying. When the learning environment, which has been planned without taking interest is associated with prejudices which can be formed against learning a different language, the expected success cannot be realized. The effect of stories which will be used with various techniques in foreign language education will be determined by means of this study. It is important in the context of presenting the direct effect of fairy tales on foreign language education. (fragment)