Creating a friendly classroom atmosphere – a key to successful learning

Autor: prof. Roxana Ciugudean
Liceul Tehnologic Onești

This paper focuses on the importance of classroom displays in the management of the teaching/learning situations. It reflects a short, yet successful attempt at introducing a classroom display as a project meant to take the teaching-learning experience beyond the classroom walls.

Classroom management considerations
The space where students spend their school day is often neglected or briefly considered in terms of hygienic conditions (appropriate cleanliness, lighting requirements) and furniture manipulation (to allow different patterns of interaction: frontal, group or pair work). Thus, the classroom can easily be perceived as static and artificial, mostly because in most Romanian schools teachers are the ones who move from one classroom to another, rather than having the students come to a language laboratory for example. Moreover, the same space has to accommodate historic figures, geographical locations, writers and scientists, experiments and formulae within a six-hour time frame.
The language teacher’s view
As language teachers, we rarely have a room of our own, like a phonics or language cabinet, therefore we are challenged time and again to create and recreate an encouraging, motivating, stimulating and appropriate language learning atmosphere. As illustrated by Georgi Lozanov’s Suggestopedia theory, a relaxed atmosphere influences the learners’ motivation, with a direct impact upon the success of the learning experience.
Step 1 – Evaluate your options
Firstly, you have to consider all potential display spaces, such as walls, windows, wardrobes, bookcases or shelves in the room, including the board. Also, consider other fellow teachers who might need or want to use the space. Before making a final decision, inquire about school regulations concerning displays by contacting the Administrator. The black/white board has the advantage of dominating the room in terms of available space for all sorts of possible display materials; it should not be abused, nor ignored in your evaluation of the classroom space. (fragment)