Studiu de specialitate – Wikis and online encyclopedias

Autor: prof. Diaconu Mihaela-Claudia
Școala Gimnazială Sagna, Neamț

A wiki (a single page in a wiki is referred to as a „wiki page”, while the entire body of pages, which are usually highly interconnected via hyperlinks, is „the wiki”) is a type of website that allows users easily to add, remove, or edit and change most of the available content and a very simple and easy-to-use database for searching and creating information. The Wiki accompanies all learning activities as a communication platform, thus offering the possibility of a message board where current news and events can be published. Furthermore, a commentary site is maintained in parallel for each Wiki site, where discussions can be held regarding the contents of any of the pertinent Wiki sites. The Wiki moreover allows sending e-mails to individual group members directly that can not be seen by others.
The Wiki offers direct access to current news, a list of the profiles of all participants including the teachers, with pictures, a short self-portrait and a link to the topic of choice, the general course plan with links to all topics and editors, an option to edit Wiki articles by thematic areas and a separate area where the result tasks and group work, developed during the seminar, are collected, „making a crucial difference to the quality of learning” (Schulmeister 2004, 19-49 ). Since the project management in the Wiki is transparent to all of the students and they participate in it to a certain extent, they improve their methodological and learning competencies with regard to planning and organizing complex project-based tasks.
Wiki enables users to formulate and deal with their own (constructive) criticism. The contributions of learners have to pass through feedback in order to improve all the data and texts. The process learning, progression and assessment are thus made more transparent both for the learners, as individuals and as a group and also for their teachers. (fragment)