Processing and adapting modern resources

Autor: prof. Diaconu Mihaela-Claudia
Școala Gimnazială, Comuna Sagna, jud. Neamț

Lately, we came across so many excellent resources, forums and blogs, all essential as means of communication, resources that are enhancing my knowledge through a continuous use of ICT, both in the classroom and beyond it.
When talking about creation of certain resources I have to mention that we have access to a variety of tools that have to be used unless they have a purpose. For example, I use colour as codes but I don’t use a variety of colours, fonts or pictures, unless they have a purpose, so that I won’t distract the reader, so I use simple colour-codes that help students discover their meanings. It is simple and very effective and we can expand this metalanguage up to a more advanced level.
Images and pictures are inserted, unless they are needed, as well. When creating, for example, a document or a resource to introduce vocabulary, my students will be presented a question we are working on from a scheme of work and skip irrelevant and boring questions like: ” Where are you from?” I am from….”

For example, before introducing to pupils any item of vocabulary that they will be learning I try to get them to tell me what it is through using a variety of techniques such as paraphrasing in the target language or showing an image. However, rather than just showing the picture directly I make use of a variety of tools to reveal the item very slowly, enabling the pupils to think about what it could be before learning the word. (fragment)