Studying English abroad

Autor: prof. Vintilă Ovidiu
Colegiul Tehnic „Costin D. Nenițescu” Pitești

Many students want to learn English, as it is the business language of the world. One can blame the British Empire for that! Of course, there are 101 other languages out there to learn but where should one learn English? In England is the obvious answer! However, many students in non-English speaking countries enrol on local courses in their country. At each level – be they a beginner, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced level they learn grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Having a conversation in English is a vital part of the learning process.
Many students will probably be taught by a non-native English speaker, as in some countries there is a shortage of native speakers. These teachers have themselves learnt English and are happy to pass their knowledge on to others. Some students, however, will get the opportunity to practice their English with a native English speaker. For British English you might be lucky enough to get a real Englishman for that real English accent! Actually, not many English people speak the Queen’s English.
Most have their own regional accents. British English native speakers also include the many Scots, Irish and Welsh people living abroad – all of whom have their own localised tongue, dialect and accent. I mustn’t forget the many Canadian, American, Australian and South African teachers; many of whom have ended up settling in a country that is not their own or for example who are travelling through Europe for six months to two years and earn a crust teaching. In fact, some even end up marrying a local!
These days there are many places to learn and study English. A good place is in an English speaking country. Probably one of the best places to learn British English is in Britain. Likewise American English in the USA or Canadian English in Canada. Every English speaking country offers English learners the opportunity to attend an English speaking course – whether it is in Manchester, Malta or Malaysia.  (fragment)