My family

Autor: eleva Gherbăluță Tatiana – Clasa: XII-a D
Profesor îndrumător: Andrei Elena
Colegiul Economic Buzău

No family can really be like the embellished type that most people have in their minds. My family makes no exception, as it is not full of joy, peaceful and happy twenty-four hours, seven days a week. That would be impossible, because you cannot have the notions of joy, peace and happiness and you cannot experience these feelings if you have never felt bad, disturbed or sad.
Therefore, a family like my own is four people living together under the same roof, sharing secrets and news, having argues or petty fights over nothing, and still staying together. For me that is what a family means: going through hell and back, staying in one piece.
My family is not the best one out there and we have fights quite often, but I know that if I am in trouble, sick or in need of assistance, they will be there for me, doing their best to support me. And that is why I consider that my family is joyful, peaceful and happy, although each of us is so different.