My beautiful family

Autor: eleva Necula Alexandra Gabriela – Clasa: XII-a D
Profesor îndrumător: Andrei Elena
Colegiul Economic Buzău

I think that family is very important for each of us and it also has an important role for us.
We are four in our family: my mother, my father, my sister and me. The most important thing in my family is that we get on so well. I get on well with my sister because she is a wonderful person and I also get on well with my parents. They are like some friends for me and they always understand me. All the members of my family help me whenever I need and they sustain me in what I want to do. So I have spent a lot of beautiful moments with my family.
In my family happiness is present every moment. Despite of different problems, we know to be happy and together we get over the difficult moments of our lives. Peace is also present in our family. I have never had a fight with my sister or my parents. We always find the right way to be a happy family. We live in peace and happiness and this encourages me very much.
That is why my family represents an important part in my life. Without them I would not be who I am today. I respect and love them very much.