Studiu de specialitate – Traditional teaching vs. Modern teaching methods

Autor: prof. Nica Mihaela
Colegiul Agricol ”D. Cantemir” Huși, Vaslui

Our society these days are divided in to two different way of thinking on the education. Some believe that modern methods are better than the traditional method of teaching but yet these two methods are both a successful way. Every method in teaching is the same for they deliver the same message to the students. Therefore there are pros and cons to it as well in these ways of teaching.
The pros for traditional methods are that teaches shouldered too much of responsibilities for teaching in the classroom to make sure everything they thought were understood by the student. Thus it was a good method, where there was efficient communication between teacher and students. There was also the typical way and a controllable class where the teacher would teach on the blackboard, explained, asks students to copy and made sure students paid attention and listen. Besides that, the traditional way in disciplining students in school and teaching them was an effective way in building a good characteristic student where students were afraid of their teacher and respect them.
Talking about the pros there are cons to traditional method way where students were to afraid to ask their teacher questions. Thus students get board of the same way of teaching method done by the teacher which is on the blackboard and listening to the teacher talk while they sit down in class and heat up their chairs. Besides that, disciplining the students with canning and scolding is not a sufficient way for students get traumatizes in school.
On the other hand, the pros of modern method in teaching help a lot where there is a centered classroom which is created by the teacher and accepted by the students. In modern method students are aware of their learning process through the computers. Thus with the help of computers teachers prepare their work in their thumb drive and present it to the class through slides show which is an easier way. And students can do their studying and their work all in the computer without depending 100% on their teacher in schools. Besides that, there is also classroom contract which consists on agreement between teachers and student regarding on how each will contribute to and behave in the classroom to start building a student’s expectation towards independence. Therefore students even have a bonding relationship with their teacher to be their friend so that they can share their problems to the teacher without being afraid. (fragment)