Christmas, Our Christian Celebration

Autor: Stănică Andreea Simona
Clasa a XII-a E – Colegiul Economic Buzău
Teacher: Andrei Elena

Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. This holiday is considered by Christians a special one, because on this day Jesus Christ was born. It is said that Jesus Christ was born in a manger. On Christmas Eve, children go caroling and people give them cakes, apples and nuts. In the morning of Christmas people go to church, then the whole family gathers together around the table for a special dinner.
For me, Christmas means childhood happiness. Every year when Christmas is near, I remember of my childhood, when I used to play trick or treat with my friends, I remember the moments when everyone sat around the fire and sang. I still enjoy the magic of the winter holidays, because I love being with my family, decorating the Christmas tree. We adorn the tree in the middle of the dining room, we lay presents under it, feeling full of joy and expectation.
For me Christmas magic will remain the same as I love joy, happiness, being near my loved ones, making and receiving presents. For me Christmas will always be Christmas.