Beautiful Winter

Autor: Ichim Denisa Ionela
Clasa a XII-a A – Colegiul Economic Buzău
Teacher: Andrei Elena

Winter is and will always be a magic season. In winter time everything is amazing when tender and fluffy snow covers the entire region. It is a season full of presents. On the 6th of December children wait for Saint Nicholas who brings presents to all good children. On the 25th of December there is another celebration dear to everyone, Christmas, enjoyed by all children as they receive presents from Santa Claus.
In the distance you can see swarms of white butterflies that float smoothly and cover the earth. Fluffy white snow falls from the sky like pearls. The houses are covered by snow, like having white fur hats. In the streets children play with the cold and bright snow. You can really sense the beauty of winter on the happy red faces of the children.
Outside it snows like in stories, and in the house fire burns. People get ready to celebrate, and children decorate the Christmas tree, waiting happily for Santa Claus. No season brings greater joy in everyone’s hearts like winter does.