English is fun…tastic in the camp

Autor: prof. Colimiș Maricica
Școala Gimnazială Nr. 1 Onești, jud. Bacău

I spent an amazing week in the International English Camp in Bicaz this summer, together with some of our students. It was for the first time I went to such a camp but I promise we’ll come again next year.
We had a warm welcome meeting as soon as we arrived there. The English students and the Romanian supervisors were very helpful and caring with us. They had lots of instructive activities with our children every day.
The organizers, Mr. and Mrs. Tabarnac did their best to make us feel great. They accompanied us everywhere: in our trips to Bicaz Lake, to the swimming pool in Piatra Neamt and in all the activities in the camp: horse riding, body painting, paint ball, etc.
Our children had a nice experience, they practised their English with the English students, which was actually the aim of the camp. They all told me they would like to come back as soon as possible. They enjoyed everything in this camp:activities, trips, games and especially disco every evening. All the staff of the camp joined us when we visited, danced, played, had fun, etc.
Every evening had a surprise for our children: Karaoke Show, Miss and Mister Show, Talent Show, Costumes Parade, etc. We’ll never forget the farewell party in the last night and the wonderful camp fire. Before our departure there was another festivity where we all got medals, diplomas and certificates of attendance.
Many thanks to the organizers, we’ll never forget your hospitality and we’ll come back again and again!