Autor: eleva Chiricioiu Adriana
Clasa a XI-a E, Colegiul Economic Buzău
Teacher: Andrei Elena

In every person’s life there are many important times. One of them is childhood. Some people may argue that childhood is the happiest time in a person’s life, other people think that it is not so.
I agree that childhood is the greatest time in everyone’s life for many reasons. Initially, when you are a child, every dream seems realizable. Also, a child has got a huge imagination which permits him to imagine or invent a lot of enjoyable situations. For example, a child can imagine being a biologist who’s studying the animals. Moreover, he can imagine being a teacher.
Then, a child has got few responsibilities. His only duties are learning and having fun with his friends. However, children’s responsibilities increase step by step. For instance, if today a child is allowed to go to the store next to his home’s door, he will probably be allowed to go to a store placed on another street and so on. He has to become responsible by himself.
Finally, learning is easier for a child. The children’s memory is by far better than the adults’ and they can learn a huge amount of information without difficulties. Also, they are very fast in learning foreign languages or other subjects at school, such as science or history. Moreover, they have a particular capacity in memorizing dates and numbers.
I tend to believe that childhood is the best time in people’s life. The reasons are various. First, children’s imagination permit them to dream and enjoy themselves, second they have got a restricted amount of responsibilities, third when you are a child learning is very easy.
Thus, childhood is the time when a person has to enjoy himself as much as possible and „to taste” the huge amount of possibilities that it offers.